Shaolin Tagou Education Group

Shaolin Tagou Education Group is located at the foot of Mount Song (Song Shan) and was founded in 1978 by Mr. Liu Baoshan, and is in control of the six educational establishments:

Shaolin Temple Tagou Wushu School

Shaolin Tagou Wushu School is the most famous and the biggest kung fu school in China. The Land Completely now at the School of the Disposal Measures 550,000 Square meters, on Which have already Been erected buildings with a Total Floor Space of More than 280,000 Square meters. The total size of outdoor venues for kung-fu training is now over 270,000 square meters. There are altogether 19 large gymnasiums owned by the school, in addition to more than 400 classrooms which, now being used exclusively for ” literacy-oriented teaching ‘, are located across the campuses of all the educational institutions under the control of the group. Ancillary facilities for reinforcing general education here include such as multi-media laboratories, sound laboratories, biochemical laboratories, computer rooms, libraries, all of them being well furnished with state-of -the art equipment.

Currently the campuses are vigorously alive with a population comprising both students and teachers. which numbers over 25.000.The school is constantly watchful for ensuring that all its students are guaranteed an all-round development. So far the school has successfully organized its students to take part in over 500 important martial-arts competitions at home and abroad.From them. 4,916 medals have been won by the school’s students. Of the 4976 medals, 2376 are gold medals, 131 individual championships have been wrung by the school’s students from various international, inter-continental, world-cup, or world championship contests. From numerous national wushu contests, the school’s student body has altogether grabbed 263 individual championships and 28 team titles. For 21 years in a row the school’s student body secured team titles in all the ‘Sanda’ tournaments sponsored by Henan Provincial Administration. For 15 consecutive years the school’s student body succeeded in capturing the team titles of all the pugilistic matches organized by the said provincial administration. For 11 successive years the school’s student body won team titles from all the Taekwondo competitions organized by the said provincial administration.

Shaolin Wushu International Training Center

Shaolin Wushu international training center (or Shaolin Temple Wushu Training Center for International Trainees) belonging to the Shaolin Tagou Education Group, It’s an education training base and by the Chinese Ministry of Education approved to enroll foreign students to learn Shaolin martial arts.

The training centers has a multi-purpose building of 8800 square meters, Equipped classrooms, training rooms, standard rooms (Hotel-style), international restaurants, Foreign Affairs Office, and is equipped with closed-circuit television, telephone, Internet and other teaching and Living Facilities. The courses of Martial Arts opened a Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu (Basic Skills, Bare Hand Forms, Weapons), Tai Chi , Qi Gong and Unique Skills , Shaolin Buddhist Healthpreserving , Xing Yi , Ba Gua , Ba Ji , Sanda , Taekwondo , Kung Fu Performance and the optional courses Chinese Language, Chinese Calligraphy, Buddhist Classes etc.

Since the Shaolin Wushu International Training Center established 30 years, we actively carry out foreign martial arts teaching and communication, have organized delegations to over 50 countries and regions for performing martial arts and teaching in the world. Has received foreign students from the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Spain, Australia, Canada, Japan, South Korea, more than 40 countries and regions and a total of 12,900 people.