Before You Come to Our Academy

Please read out the following information conscientiously, you will find it very useful for you to prepare for your trip to the Academy.


To enter the People’s Republic of China you will need a visa. For short-term students we recommend to apply for a 1-3 month tourist visa (L). For long-term students we recommend you to apply for a student visa (X2) at your nearest Chinese embassy, we will issue you official invitation letter or JW202 overseas student visa.

Here you can find the locations of Chinese embassies around the world easily. Make sure to calculate enough time for the issuing process.

If you have any more questions about the visa please feel free to contact us.

Application & Make Reservation

Please make sure you submit the application and make reservation in time so that your place at the academy is guaranteed. You can choose to make a bank transfer, or pay it to our Paypal account. We regard the action of making the reservation is your commitment for attending our academy. We can only send you an invitation after your reservation fee is received.


We recommend you purchase a major medical insurance which also covers injuries and illness that may occur during your stay in China. The academy assumes no responsibility for injuries occurring before, during or after training, while under the academy’s supervision.

Age Restrictions

If you are under 18 years old your parents will need to confirm that you can come here. Students who are younger than 13 years must be accompanied by an adult. Any student who can not travel alone will need an escort. There is no maximal age.

Personal Preparation

The best thing to prepare yourself is to relax your mind and body. Some additional physical exercises such as running (2km a day or so), cycling, swimming, push-up, pull-ups and sit-ups can also help to prepare you, as well as a proper diet.

In fact any type of sports that helps building up muscles and stamina is helpful.

What to bring

This is not a complete list but it might help you when packing your suitcase.

First, do not forget to bring some passport photos for registration in the academy and the local police office.

You may also like to bring books to read or to learn Chinese.

For training in summer it is good to have loose trousers or shorts and a couple of T-shirts with you. For winter some additional warm sweaters for training and free time, a warm jacket as well as thermal underwear or a track suit are recommended.

It will be useful to have a pair of running shoes for jogging and stamina training. For regular training students usually wear a type of thin-sole trainers that can be bought easily after arriving.

Further you should bring basic and personal medical equipment with you and other special items you may need from your home. It is also advisable to bring a power adapter if you want to bring any type of electrical equipment from your home country such as a laptop. British-Chinese Adapters can be bought easily here and are cheap, too.

Don’t forget that most of the stuff you will need can also be bought in the nearest town or the academy’s supermarket. and all the students rooms are hotel-style.