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Performing Shaolin Kung Fu at the Opening Ceremony of the 11th National Minority Games

Ching Kung Fu Show

Ching Kung Fu Show

On the evening of September 8, 2019, the 11th National Minority Traditional Sports Games was grandly opened at the Zhengzhou Olympic Sports Center. More than 60,000 spectators cheered for the National Games.

As the most dazzling martial arts performance in this opening ceremony, “Mighty Shaolin” and “Together Tai Chi” were performed by students from Shaolin Temple Shaolin Tagou martial arts school. After the performance began, the first to appear was “Together Tai Chi”. 1042 students were dressed in white Tai Chi suits and accompanied by a light and soft music rhythm. They were divided into two columns to enter the arena from both sides at the same time. The action changes different colors instantly, and then quickly forms a huge “中 (English is ‘middle’)” character, and then quickly turns into 32 columns, which are surrounded by a circle, and then dispersed into a circular distribution. At this time, the students turned around with the luminous ball suddenly brightened and disappeared, as if a light wave radiated.

At the beginning of the “Mighty Shaolin” program, Liu Kuiyi, a nine-year-old student from Shaolin Tagou Wushu School, demonstrated Shaolin boy skills, such as difficult and flexible movements such as backhand flips, triangular handstands, and diamond drills. Then the students performed Shaolin 18 weapons in turn. , The music gradually became high-pitched, and 1082 students from Shaolin Tagou Wushu School rushed out from the backcourt. Thousands of people were like one, the movements were neat, and the 30-second collective Shaolin boxing fully demonstrated the fierceness of Shaolin Kungfu. Afterwards, the Tagou boys quickly dispersed to the sides, forming 16 three-story towers in an instant, and in the middle was a Shaolin stick formation composed of 200 students. At the end of the program, the trainees quickly formed two characters “Shaolin” to push the opening ceremony to a climax, and won thunderous applause from the audience.